Thursday, May 23, 2013

Reebok Answer 1

I was eating Chipotle last week which was glorious in and of itself because I've been on a low calorie diet for over 3 months now - much needed cheat meal to say the least. Mid burrito my phone buzzed - Packer Shoes was doing a pre-order on the black and gold Answer 1 retros! I was all over it like white on rice (no pun intended.) I pulled out my trusty debit card, bingo bango ready to go-go. It was a done deal. I finished the burrito and walked out of the joint like Leonidas - opened both doors and all that, straight boss mode!

I wasn't expecting the kicks today so when the mailman knocked on the door I was surprised. I saw Packer Shoes on the label and knew it was on like Donkey Kong! I scrambled to open the box, fumbled around and took the shoes out. I couldn't wait! I had to put them on.... and just like that I was right back at that dimly lit PAL hitting kids with that vintage AI crossover. Breaking ankles left and right. I was a bucket machine. Nobody could see the kid! I was just like Iverson except I was taller, not quite as quick, much whiter, and instead of corn rows I had a crew cut... so basically I was Chris Mullin!

This was the first pair of "nice sneakers" I ever owned and to have them again, albeit a little different than the original version, is still a great feeling. I caught my first dunk in these bad boys. That alone makes them sacred, right? My middle school self just gave me crazy daps. I'm out.


  1. Best shoes I ever played in - original Reebok pumps, son. Yeah, decades ago.

    So couple months ago I'm mall walkin and found a newly manufactured pair in my local Foot Locker. Back again after all these years??

    Bought em just for the good feeling they put in my soul. Good sneakers are like that. They can take you back.

  2. I really enjoy these blogs Foamelone! I wish you continued success!